The company offers a range of: energy efficiency solutions, complete off-the-grid alternative energy solutions, alternative water consumption solutions, coupled to oxygenated water purification systems, all of which we manufacture, supply and install into various environments;

  • Retail shopping centre
  • Corporate office parks
  • Industrial buildings and parks
  • SMME Businesses
  • Hotels and guest houses
  • Game lodges
  • Residential estates
  • Residential free standing homes
  • Rural block communities

To ensure that our customers are “ALWAYS ON” we have employed a team of experts from across the globe, under the supervision and control of our  Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) partner to research, develop and test the best possible combination of solutions that will ensure our customers live the “ALWAYS ON” vision.

The key element of every product and solution we offer is the uncompromised quality and relentless pursuit to maintain affordability to all market segments. Our mission is to deliver a solution that is ALWAYS ON, reduces energy use, and improves the environment in a sustainable manner.

Even though power users have similar behaviour and utilise similar products, every user is unique. Our tailored solutions provide each user with an experience that is seamless and non-intrusive. In addition to the tailored experience, the solution is fully funded across the market and supported by simplified contracting channels for ease of accessibility.

If a customer is interested in participating in our program, please cli