Site Audit & Measurement


The site assessment visit will be coordinated and managed by the assigned Customer Representative in consultation with the home owner.

The scope of the site assessment is;

  • Evaluation of the roof structure of the property for the installation of the Solar Panels
  • Evaluation of the electrical wiring and DB board installation in the property for regulatory compliance and for the installation of the Automatic Change Over relay into the DB Board
  • Evaluation of the exterior ground space of the property for the positioning of the Generator
  • Evaluation of the garage / storage room facilities for the installation of the battery rack, batteries and the Inverter
  • Evaluation of the existing energy consuming equipment in the home with the potential to change out with technology that is guaranteed to deliver energy savings of up to 75%
  • Compilation of the detailed findings report for recommendation to the customer

Our team of professionals will always look to apply the best industry practices and knowledge, coupled with decades of quantitative, qualitative and analytical experience to deliver a world class solution to our customers.