Submit Application

The company has enabled 3 specific dedicated channels for application forms to be submitted;

  • the completed application forms together with the supporting  documentation can be emailed to the following email address;
  • the completed application form together with the supporting documentation can be uploaded on the website;
  • The completed application forms together with the supporting documentation can be faxed to the following dedicated fax-to-email number: 086 606 5853

The feedback on the application submission will only be provided to the applicant after the information has been successfully captured into the system and an email has been sent to the applicant with an assigned Customer Identification number. The applicant can then log into the website and verify the application information. Thereafter the applicant can track the progress of the application until approval.

Successful Applications

Applicants that have successfully passed through the evaluation process will be notified in writing via email

As soon as the applicant receives the notification of success, the company will assign a Customer Relationship Manager and a project team to commence the on-boarding process

Unsuccessful Applications

Applicants that have not been successful in the initial application phase will have to wait at least 90 days before resubmitting a new application

A resubmission fee will be applicable to applicants that have been unsuccessful in the initial application


Submit Application Forms

All applications to be fully completed for applications to be successful.