The parent company that is under the same leadership and control as Power4Less has successfully delivered and implemented in excess of seventy two projects across three provinces in South Africa, where more than 10,000,000 energy efficient lighting products were installed and more than 75 million kilowatts hours were sustainably removed from the South African Energy Grid between September 2014 and February 2019. Letters of reference confirming the success of these projects are available.


“I’ve deleted my Eskom se Push app. I am free of Eskom“

– P.G.

“Driving down my road looking at my lights on and everyone else in darkness. Wow“

– Z.J

“I no longer have to pack my family in the car to have take-outs – I can finally save money again“

– F.G.

“No more stage 6 levels of grief for us“

– R.D.

“I see the light….”

– L.M.

“No more unbudgeted spending on take away meals all because of load shedding”

– S.J

“Off the grid…. and into the light”

– A.H

“I now have the assurance that I can study and do my work at night, without the fear of experiencing power cuts”

– H.J

“My life lights up when my power is always on”

– R.G